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VRIT Solutions is one of the best workday training in hyderabad. Workday is an on-demand – cloud based financial management and human capital management software. It helps organizations in all industries to achieve stupendous success, be it mid-level or a top rung companies. Its cloud based system offers superior insights for any business and offers the agility to adapt to change. It integrates finance and HR in seamless system to offer superior performance.

Why should you join this course?

VRIT Solutions is one of the best workday online training. With Finance being one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, it is no exaggeration that it offers one of the best job opportunities to make a strong career. Moreover with automation making inroads in almost all segments of business, learning Workday can make you a better professional and a quick decision maker, whether you are in the HR or Finance area. Hence, if you are already a HR or a finance professional, we highly recommend this course that helps in boosting your career. We also recommend this course to even youngsters, who are interested to make Finance or HR as their career.

VRIT Solutions is one of the best software training institutes in Hyderabad to offer workday online training well focused and career-oriented training program in Workday trainig. So, get started by clicking here.

What do you learn in this course?

Introduction to Workday

This module provides the basics of Workday and helps you get started with the interface, navigation, menus, hyperlinks, etc.

Organizations in WorkDay

Covers varied organization types in Workday, its hierarchies, how to set up and manage the supervisory organization structure

Workday Staffing modules

This module provides you an overview of different types of Workday staffing models, hiring restrictions and how can you execute complex management functions in Workday.

Jobs and Profiles in Workday Suite

This module covers concepts such as job profiles, job families, creation of job positions and much more.

Compensation in Workday

This module provides an overview of the components of compensation, how compensation package is designed based on certain rules, grades and how to setup security and initiate the compensated event.

Workday Security Groups

This module provides an overview of security group types, components of configurable security, its functional areas in workday and also the domain security policies.

Workday Business Process

This module provides an overview of business process, its functionality, varied sub-processes and generating business process reports in Workday.

WorkDay reports

Provides advanced concepts about what standard and custom reports are, different data sources, its objects, fields, order columns and the filter criteria in Workday.

Calculated Fields

This module lets you learn how to create various kinds of calculated fields, text functions, extract single and multi-instances in workday.


This module provides an overview of iLoads and other topics such as data extractions and learn how to lay a foundation, master and implement suites on Workday.


This module lets you know how to assign user based security, what and why is staffing movement done, hiring supervisory organizations and finally workday accounts and viewing personal data.

Live Project

Note: The syllabus listed above is indicative in nature and may include more topics for comprehensive learning.

How will I execute the Practicals?

In order to work on practicals, some basic pre-requisites are required. You need a good internet connection, along with the required software that needs to be installed. This software can easily run on all operating systems such as Windows, OS, Linux and Unix.

VRIT Solutions is one of the best software training institutes in hyderabad to offer excellent online and class room training in WorkDay.

Who can do this course?

  • MBA in Finance & HR
  • Professionals having experience in accounts and finance domain.
  • Experienced HR Professionals
  • Fresh graduates interested to make a career in Finance & accounting
  • Fresh graduates interested to make a career in HR
  • Software professionals, looking to switch their careers
  • Project managers
  • Business analysts

If you are looking for Workday online training, VRIT Solutions is the right institute for you.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

Though VRIT solutions hasn’t prescribed any specific pre-requisites for doing this course, however, it is preferred to have knowledge in the following topics to better understand and appreciate the course.

  • Basic knowledge of accounts and financial flows
  • Basic knowledge of HR functions
  • Basic knowledge of data

So, what are you waiting for? Join now to make Workday as your career and get a highly paid job!

Our Key Differentiators

Comprehensive practical sessions

Every theory session is adequately supported by a practical session with ample time given to students to practice at their own pace. This way, you tend to gain deeper insights and help you understand the concepts better.

Live project

Our curriculum is designed workday interview questions to have a live project to help you apply the skills learnt in these sessions successfully to real life scenarios.

Top notch faculty

Our faculty is drawn from experienced professionals across industry, occupying various positions such as middle level managers, data scientists and even experienced faculty from IIMs, IITs and other reputed institutes.

Learn Workday in just 50 hours (select either weekend or weekday mode)

This is not exaggeration and you can surely achieve this. We assure you to provide the best training within the required time without compromising on quality at any cost. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that we ensure that you get up to the speed as early as possible to start a career as a Workday professional.

Industry relevant curriculum

You learn the latest from us! Our curriculum is constantly updated once in 6 months to keep pace with the emerging technologies in this area, so you are always ahead of others.

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